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How About Our Energy?

IOur body can emission energy, the Chinese call it is ¡§Qi Gong¡¨, the Japanese call it is ¡§far infrared ray¡¨, and it is called ¡§energy¡¨ in the science. In China the ¡§Qi Gong¡¨ so-called, that is invisible willpower add to visible energy. The willpower will be produced during training in a long term, but visible energy could be produced by assistance outside help. ¡§Qi Gong¡¨ in science is a kind of energy and its wavelength is equal to human¡¦s energy and easily absorbed. Chung Cheng company R&D a kind of semiconductor, and when electricity through it, it will emission the energy suitable for human. The energy is the same with ¡§Qi Gong¡¨ so-called. Chung Cheng let the semiconductor become many kinds of healthcare equipments, just like a Qi Gong master in your side help your health.

According to the Plank's Law, the highest the temperature of heat source is, the more close-infrared ray would be radiated. However, the close-infrared ray is not suitable for human body. Chung Cheng got over this difficulty and made their products with strong power and no high temperature. So it can be used for a long period of time. Chung Cheng eliminated the close-infrared ray and radiated the energy with wavelength 4-14um absolutely. Once the good energy can be absorbed naturally, it would not accumulate on the skin surface.

Above the absolute zero (i.e.-273¢J) all substance can radiate far-infrared ray (FIR). The differences to recognize are power and wavelength. For example, the FIR materials on the FIR outfit, blanket and mattress etc, absorb the energy radiated from human body and reflex to human body then. So the power is weak; its wavelength is too short to absorb and may led to a scald. Besides, the too long wavelength of energy is also useless to human body. Only the radiation with strong power can give out the energy with large-scale wavelength. According to the report of American Medical Association, the highest wavelength of energy human body can radiate is 9um and the wavelength between 4-14um is the best energy for human body. The energy of Chung Cheng passed the examination by Industrial Technology Research Institute, an institute that trains the talent person of semiconductor professionally.

Most general energy apparatus use heat element plus temperature control element and FIR materials. When the temperature comes to the maximum, the temperature control component would cut off the power and turn it on again until the temperature go down to safe range. But the damage rate still exists in all electrical components. You cannot promise that there is no danger. When the temperature control element is broken, the temperature rises continually. The power wouldn't cut off and that would even endanger you life!

The smart FIR element of Chung Cheng is integrates Heater, Material of far infrared Ray and Thermo fuse in patented ceramics semiconductor. When the ceramics semiconductor normal, the electric current pass electric current to heat and remit FIR and auto-control temperature automatically. If the ceramics semiconductor is broken, the electric current can't pass electric current to heat so it is 100% safe and no risk. The FIR element of Chung Cheng is smart and it adjusts the temperature by itself. When the temperature rises, it goes down electric current. When the temperature goes down it raises electric current. The temperature of FIR element of Chung Cheng keeps stable equilibrium. You never feel sometimes heat and sometimes cool.

Another originality of Chung Cheng Energy is the heat source doesn't fire even we put tissue into the hottest of heat source. The mission of Chung Cheng is product is useful and safety so we combine all material become smart FIR element. It is able to control temperature automatically and radiate energy evenly. You don't feel sometimes hot and sometimes cold. In fact, any electric elements have risk between 0.001to 0.0001. Do you worry when the product you use fire? Energy of Chung Cheng helps you preclude risk.

How can the effect take place? The real FIR energy goes through the human skin only 0.01-0.1cm. Besides, the water molecules would pass on the energy through vibration into depth of body. Only the products with strong power can send the energy into body even the bone marrow. According to the report of Japanese medical doctor, people need the power at least 700W to get the blood circulation of body moving because human body has mass and weight.



The short call of "Far Infrared Ray"

F.I.R. energy is part of the invisable light, so we could not see it by naked eyes

It's Everywhere
Any object in the world that have higher temperature than absolute temperation would generate I.R. by itself